Book Designer Karolina Wudniak

I was born with a book and pen in one hand and an InDesign toolkit in the other. Oh wait, that’s fantasy, not my genre! I prefer non-fiction, so let’s start the story over: 

Books were an essential part of my whole life. I always loved browsing books in bookstores. I enjoyed the feel of the paper and the smell of the pages. My favourite coffee places are the ones that have walls filled with books. I wrote my master’s degree thesis in a beautiful old library (over 200 years old!), as well as two guidebooks and a bunch of articles for media and my blog. 

I graduated with a BA in Literature and Polish Language and an MA in Journalism with a specialisation in Marketing and Artistic Photography. I worked as a writer, journalist and photographer with a strong affection for visuals, which – unsurprisingly – directed me towards graphic design. 

I left my writing life behind for good. At least, I thought so…

Authentic Relationships book cover

“I am so lucky to have met Karolina! Working with her was such a smooth process, and she is a pleasure to work with. My clients and I loved the final results of her book cover designs, and her attention to detail is top-level. She truly cares about her work and is very talented in what she does. I highly recommend Karolina if you ever need any book cover or design needs!”

Pia Edberg | Author, Editor, Book Coach

One day, I got a gig for designing audiobook covers, and I fell for it instantly.  It was my missing puzzle. It connected me back to the writing space still present in my heart and my story as a Book Designer has begun.

Do you know what’s my absolute best, soul-warming moment during a book collaboration with a talented author? 

It’s that magical moment of joy when they hold their physical book for the first time! There’s awe, wonder, and so many smiles. Their pure excitement is infectious— it ignites a fire within me! 

When I’m not designing or reading books, I enjoy the outdoors with my husband and son.

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