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Let me help you design your book to knock your (and obviously your readers’) socks off!

Which part of your manuscript needs an outfit? 

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The Interior

Or maybe you want to level up to your existing book outfit?

Book Cover Design Divine Encounters

quotation mark The whole book is beautiful. Karolina captured the vibe of it all!

“Karolina designed the cover and interior layout of my very first book, and it exceeded my expectations! The whole book is beautiful, and she captured the vibe of it all. The entire process, from first contact to final product, flowed smoothly and easily. She asks lots of questions, takes feedback and runs with it. She is well-versed in all the formats and requirements for self-publishing platforms. It was a fun process. She has a friendly personality and is easy to work with.”

Melissa Giomi
author of “Divine Encounters” and “Divine Appointments”

Book Cover Design Wielkopolska

quotation mark The cover is just perfect and all my readers agree!

“She reads my mind!” That’s what I thought when I saw the first draft of my guidebook. It’s just perfect! Modern, simple and family-friendly. And all my readers agree! I valued the most all the advice I’ve received from Karolina. She told me what looks good as an ebook but not on paper. She guided me through communication with printing houses, and more. I got so much more than the simple work of a graphic designer!”

Agnieszka Ptaszyńska
author of “Wielkopolska z Dzieckiem”

Karolina Wudniak Book Designer

Hi, I’m Karolina

I use every trick in the metaphorical book to help bring your actual book to life and give it wings! Books and writing were always a big part of my life. The design came much later. Do you want to know how? Read on here!