You’ll find great resources here, that can help you go through the self-publishing process with ease. I’ve written two guides on book design, so feel free to get one or the other, or both. Below the guides, you’ll find a growing list of professionals in the self-publishing world that I’ve worked with and highly recommend (some of the links are affiliated, however, I only recommend and affiliate with people who I worked with and who provide valuable services).


“Behind the scenes of your Dream Book Cover and Interior”

This guide is for you if:

  • You’re self-publishing a book
  • You want to know why the book cover is soooo important
  • You’d like save time on googling all-book-design-things because you don’t know much (or nothing at all) about designing your cover and formatting your interior
  • You’re looking for help in creating your dream book cover but don’t know where to start
  • You feel overwhelmed with the whole self-publishing process and want to divide it into digestive bites 
  • You were so focused on the writing itself that you didn’t even think about what comes after… Spoiler alert: you need cover and well-designed interior!

Does any of these sound familiar?  Get the guide now and stop worrying about the book design process! 

You’ll also get the Book Design Checklist that complements the guide you’re about too read AND will keep you on track and support your publishing goals! 


“Understanding the Book Design Process”

This free guide will teach you:

  • The steps of the publishing process
  • Why you need a killer book cover and well-designed interior
  • The essential elements of the book
  • When to start working with a book designer
  • How to work with your book designer smoothly