About me

Hi, I’m Karolina, a Book Designer based in Vancouver, BC, with a penchant for adventure and a mild coffee obsession. Specializing in book cover and layout design, I utilize every trick in the metaphorical book to help bring your actual book to life. My multidisciplinary background has equipped me with a unique skillset that allows me to see the bigger picture of any project. Therefore, when you work with me, you can rest assured you’re never getting a one-size-fits-all solution. With degrees in Language and Communication Studies and Journalism as well as photography and marketing knowledge aplenty, my toolkit is overflowing to help you produce the book cover and layout of your dreams. Attuned to the interaction between pictures and words, I will help you take your readers on a transcendent journey to worlds near and far.

In fact, my own passion for travel and the outdoors has sharpened my intuition and instilled in me an appreciation for nature’s beauty that has carried over to my career as a Book Designer. With the picturesque mountains of the Canadian West Coast as my inspiration, I’ve developed a minimalistic approach to graphic design that reflects the simplicity of nature. When I’m not designing books, you can bet I’ll be breathing in that clean mountain air and soaking up the stunning landscape or exploring the world with my husband and son.

Every twist and turn of fate (and occasional happy accident) that led me to becoming a Book Designer was imperative to my development into the conscientious, communicative, and perceptive professional I am today, dedicated to helping you bring your vision to life. And as an avid reader myself, I understand as well as you do the sacred relationship between author and reader and the book as a vehicle for conveying meaning. Picture this: me wandering the sprawling British Columbia wilderness, a book (naturally) in tow, harnessing the power of Mother Nature to tell the part of your story that words cannot express. Do you believe in fate? Contact me today to book a free DISCOVERY CALL, and we’ll make it one for the books! Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

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